Profile of Danny de Vries

I’m a digital native focusing on design systems, brand identity and creative coding to help digital products take shape. My approach is organized, systematic and inclusive.

Potrait picture of Danny de Vries

With a clean, functional and minimal aesthetic I can work on your companies’: visual language, user interface, or front-end website. I’ve made digital products at Fabrique and work on various projects as a product designer. Most of my work is open source.

I’m a lecturer and researcher Communication and Multimedia design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences where I teach students about designing for the web.

I create a playlist every week, obsessed with EDC gear, interested in how people spend their time and try to read 30 books every year. Want to know even more about me? Oh god it’s getting personal. I’ve written an origin story to give some more background.

Got questions? I have an #ama on or feel free to contact me!

Cheers, Danny