CSS Day Conference '17

I attended CSS Day in the Compagnietheater Amsterdam.

So, a little over a week ago I attended CSS Day (hosted by Krijn Hoetmer and Peter-Paul Koch in the Compagnietheater Amsterdam. Here are some of my impressions.

Since I started calling myself a designer I’ve attended some conferences and meetups. Ranging from big trendy hipster tech conferences (TNW for example) to small meetup’s hosted basically in living rooms. All of them had something in common; they were mainly focused on visual design. CSS Day was something else. It was my first ever conference that focuses on development and the vibe was incredible.

CSS day 2017 stage

Around 8:30 me and my good friend Rijk van Zanten walked towards the Compagnietheater. It was a hot day but despite that we were looking forward to all the interesting talks.

After greeting Krijn, picking up our badge, and drinking the first cup of coffee for the day we headed to the main hall and took a seat in the front row.

What stood out to me was the diversity of all the people sitting in the hall. From senior developers that have worked on the web for ages, to students (myself included) who have not even written 3000 rules of css. There were 354 attendees in total and to throw even more numbers at you, here are some more statistics by PPK which shows the ratio of the crowd.

A huge thanks to Krijn Hoetmer for providing the tickets to the Browser API special day. To close this off, here is a picture of us sitting on a bench. Because sitting on a bench on CSS Day made us look cool. 🦄

Students sitting on bench