I’m a lecturer and researcher Communication and Multimedia design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences where I teach students about designing for the web in the technical courses of our program.

Communication and Multimedia design is a human-centred and context-sensitive bachelor-level design education in the field of interactive digital products and services. We design and realize digital interactive solutions to real-world problems, optimized to the needs of users and other stakeholders.

Danny in front of a classroom
> In front of a classroom during a kick-off lecture


I now mostly lecture about code to in the technical courses such as Back-end or Project Tech which are courses focussed on HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Node.js. Besides that I teach people about Web Animation during the Minor Visual Interface Design which focusses on keyframing, transitions, processing & SVG.

In my classroom I’ve had the pleasure to organise several talks and Q&A sessions from different guest lecturers from various Amterdam-based companies and agency’s.


Apart from teaching in front of a classroom I’ve coached lots of students helping them navigate the design and agency field: